Rugby team bares it all

The Amsterdam Lowlanders, a gay rugby team, goes all out to go Down Under. Next year the unofficial world championship (the Bingham cup) for gay rugby teams is being held in Sidney, Australia. The Amsterdam Lowlanders really, really want to go there. So much so, that they have resorted to a “no holds barred back” campaign to raise funds for this trip: a nude calendar and a naked publicity campaign on national Dutch television. And you can buy one of these beauties yourself here.

The making off

The Amsterdam Lowlanders thought long and hard about the best way to rally support behind their campaign to raise funds for their big trip to Sidney. What best way than to show the public who they really are? So on they went with the help of a professional production team to show themselves in full rugby action in some unusual places. You can see the making off movie of this photo shoot on this Youtube clip

Baring it on national television

Naked rugby players on national television

With a final assault in their publicity campaign, the Amsterdam Lowlanders stormed Dutch national television. On the 11th of October they made their appearance in the pre-watershed talk-show DWDD. The appeared nude behind the talk-show guest, just covering themselves with a rugby ball. If you want to see it yourself, you can watch it on-line: fast forward to about the 38th minute

We all hope the Amsterdam Lowlanders will make it to Sidney and defend the Dutch Rugby Pride.


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