Queer Amsterdam, a webseries that explores boundaries

This week a Dutch broadcaster published a new web series on Youtube, called Queer Amsterdam. In this series we follow the events in the lives of young people in Amsterdam around the Canal Parade of 2016. The central characters are brother (Jesse) and (still) sister (Sam) and their new roommate Mira. Each episode is about 7 minutes long and there are 9 episodes in total. Queer Amsterdam is spoken in Dutch, but fortunately it has good English subtitles available in Youtube.

Each episode starts with the opening of a vlog item by Sam, as she records her transition to become a man. After the opening titles we get into the story. In that story we follow how Jesse works in a popular club in Amsterdam, where he gets his break as a drag performer. He seems to fall in love for his colleague Bram. But he has also affairs with women. In short: he is bisexual. But Bram doesn’t like to date bisexual men.

We also follow Mira, a lesbian women who is a committed feminist activist. She is looking for a house, while setting up a protest action to ‘Free the Nipple’. She goes for an interview at Jesse and Sam who are looking for a new roommate. During the interview the sparks fly between Sam and Mira. But Sam doesn’t dare to tell Mira, that she is to transition into a man. Will Mira be able to love Sam for the man is to become or not?

Man, woman, bi, lesbian, gay or just queer?

All the story lines explore what it means to be a man or a woman, to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. In short what it means to be queer and not to fit in a pigeon hole of pre-conceived ideas. Will love win?

We liked the series for it’s light hearted, but still serious look at these questions. The first episode we had to get into the characters, but the actors quickly won us over. They play well and natural, with the right comic touch to lighten up the scenes.

Meanwhile the series gives you a beautiful view of Amsterdam, the Canal Parade and some of the colorful characters of the Amsterdam LGBTQ scene. Watch out for the cameo appearance of the Grimm Brothers, one of the ambassadors of the 2017 Amsterdam Pride.

We warmly recommend this series for you to watch.