Pride Photo Award looking for new board members

Pride Photo Award is looking for new board members. The organization behind the international photo exhibition during the Amsterdam Pride seems to be going through a period of transition. Since 2010 the organization had put up yearly successful and often impressive exhibitions showing work of LGBTQI+ photographers or artists portraying LGBTQI+ people. Not only in Amsterdam, but around the world. After the 2016 edition there has been a two year hiatus. According to the website it had to do with organizational and financial changes. With a new board they want to turn a corner.

What kind of people are they looking for?

As this brief introduction suggested: there is a lot of work to do. The new board basically has to restart Pride Photo Award. So they are looking for people with a hands-on mentality. And you also have to invest a fair amount of time. You will actively support the project manager within your area of expertise and with access to your network.

And what kind of board members are looking for? Almost a full board: a chairperson,
a treasurer, someone who is familiar with the international photographic scene and
someone who has experience with developing cultural education projects for young adults.

Since it is an international organization, this may be an excellent opportunity for expats living in Amsterdam. Pride Photo Award want to be as diverse as the LGBTQI+ community. So they specifically invite women and people with a non-western cultural background to apply. They even welcome people who identify as heterosexual and cisgender to apply 😉

Pride Photo Award organization

Getting an almost new board together sounds quite radical. So what kind of club is the Pride Photo Award? It is a well established cultural organization within the Amsterdam art scene. It is backed by LGBTQI+ organizations like the COC and IHLIA. But also the Amsterdam City Council and the Amsterdam Fund of Arts back the Pride Photo Award.

The list of volunteers, staff member and endorsing committee on the website look impressive. But…this list looks a bit dated, painfully so. Because the list still mentions the mayor of Amsterdam who died last year. This is one of the many signs on this website of much needed renewal the Pride Photo Award needs.

This is a sign of the task lying ahead of the new board. The organization needs a breath of fresh air and some new energy. Are you the person who can bring that to the Pride Photo Award? Do not hesitate and look at this webpage to make contact and get into talks with them.


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