Preparations for Superball are heating up: get some help!

Superball 2017 is taking place on Saturday the 20th of May and preparations are heating up. Costumes are being sown, stage routines are being rehearsed and surprises are being concocted. But what if you need any help with your eyeliner or your lip gloss? No worries Lady Galore comes to the rescue.

Lady Galore Make-up Masterclass at Backstage

On that same Saturday, May 20th, the talented Lady Galore will give two Masterclasses of Professional Make up. So get the ins and outs of putting on the right foundation or accentuate your eye brows with that extra bit of sparkle.

These Masterclasses will take place at Backstage. Backstage is a well established make up store for the professionals in the theatre world and beyond. They are located on the Rozengracht 101-103 in the city centre. The classes are given in groups of minimal 10 people and cost €75,- a person. You can apply for a Lady Galore Make-up Masterclass by mailing to

A second Masterclass is given on the 3rd of June. So if you are inspired by the beauties on stage at the Superball, you can get your act together two weeks later.

Superball Special guest

Charlie HidesAnd on the evening itself help is coming by order of example. Charlie Hides of RuPaul’s Drag Race season is a special guest at the Superball. So if you are preparing to get on stage but feeling a little helpless: look at how this star of season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race does it and get all the courage you’ll need.



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