PrEP consultation service started in Amsterdam for self medication

PrEPnu (or PrEP now) started a weekly PrEP consultation service in the centre of Amsterdam. At this service you can ask all your questions about PrEP-use and generic medication. Free HIV tests will also be provided and you can get advice in your choice for independent PrEP-use.

PrEPnu fighting for free access to HIV prevention pill

PrEPnu is an independent advocacy group for free and widespread availability of the Pre-Expositie Profylaxe medicine. This medicine which you take when you are still HIV negative to prevent you to become infected with HIV, has been proven to be extremely effective. In more and more countries PrEP is now freely available. However the Dutch authorities are dragging their feet and calling for even more medical tests. So that is why a group of activists have set up PrEPnu. You can see it as an 21st century Act-Up.

As part of the medical tests, a controlled research group is having acces to PrEP in Amsterdam. But that means only the subjects of the research group get the PrEP pills. So many gay men in Amsterdam try to get their hands on supplies on the free market, mostly via internet. And that is where this information service gets in. How do you take PrEP? What do you do when you miss a pill? What are the right PrEP pills on offer on line? All these and more questions, you can ask at this consultation service.

How to visit the PrEP consultation service

PrEPnu not only lobbies local and national government, but also informs as many people as possible about the importance of PrEP and the right use of it. That is why they started the free consultation service. You can visit the PrEP consultation service after you have made an appointment. You can mail  to to get an appointment.