Opening film Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival announced

The Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival, or Roze Filmdagen in Dutch, has announced the opening film for the 2019 edition of the festival. The Spanish movie “Carmen & Lola – the love story of two gypsy girls” will open the festival on March the 14th. It is the start of the 11 day film festival, which wants to celebrate diversity with stories in films like Carmen & Lola.

Carmen & Lola tells the story of two teenage girls in a Roma community in Madrid. Carmens’ future seems to follow the traditional path: mary as quickly as possible and get children. But when she meets Lola her life takes a different turn. Lola is a girl who likes graffiti, wants to study and fancies women. When the two fall in love, the troubles with their families start.

Camen & Lola winning audiences hearts

In the press the director of the festival, Werner Bockes, said he was very happy with having this film as the opening movie. ‘It is a sprankeling, authentic movie […] It tells a story about the Roma culture, but it is also a very universal story.’ The movie was earlier shown at the Cinespanjafestival in Toulouse.

More films announced in February

The Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival will be held this year from the 14th till the 24th of March. The full program of the festival will be announced on the 22nd of February. Check out their website for the latest news. When the program is made public, we will publish a selection of our favorite films.

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