New AIDS Monument to be unveiled in Amsterdam on December 1

After a funding campaign that took a little longer than hoped for, the Aids Monument can at last be unveiled – on December 1 (2016).

The text on the Monument website couldn’t phrase it better:

A symbol of solidarity and a beacon of hope for everyone living with HIV today. A tribute to the buddies, carers, support workers, medical staff, activists and scientists who have given their all. And a memorial to the many loved ones lost to AIDS.”

The monument is located at the back/East side of the Amsterdam Central Station – with a beautiful view along the water.

There will be a special ceremony to unveil the monument (text continues below picture):

Hiv/Aids monument partly finished
Hiv/Aids monument partly finished (Nov. 2016)

In the evening of December 1, the ceremony will start at 7pm on the 6th floor of the OBA (the Public Library Amsterdam building at Oosterdokskade 143). Look for the IHLIA (the gay/lesbian documentation centre).
The ceremony will start with the opening of the exhibtion ‘Living by numbers’, at 7.30 pm. ‘Living by numbers’ is also the name of the work of art that constitutes the monument. At 8.15pm they will walk from the OBA to the new monument, a walk of 10 minutes or so. At the monument, candles and flowers will be placed.

Aids Monument

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Aids Monument 52.378357, 4.906350 Hiv/AIDS Monument in Amsterdam, apparently the only such monument in Europe. Located at the back / East-side of the Central Station, along the waterside. Click here for website with more information.

IHLIA (Homodok)

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IHLIA (Homodok) 52.376012, 4.908249 IHLIA / HomodokThe Netherlands\' main gay/lesbian archive (6th floor of Public Libary)Address: Oosterdokskade 143Open: 7 days a week, 10am-10pmWebsite:

Everyone is welcome to join the ceremony!

Website of the monument:

Design Aidsmonument Amsterdam

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