Milkshake Festival 2016 a 2 day event

Milkshake 2016Milkshake festival 2016 will be a 2 day event for the first time. The fifth edition of this festival for “boys who love girls who love grills who love boys who love boys…” in the popular Westerpark in Amsterdam will be able to double the fun time, because another festival using the same venue is moving to a different location. Milkshake will be held on July 30 and 31 next year.

Back to their roots

Milkshake became so popular and almost too big. Visitors were overwhelmed by all the entertainment available on the one day festival. By doubling the number of days, the organizer hope to be able to give the visitors the opportunity to visit all the different festival areas. They also want to downsize the festival areas somewhat. In that way they want to get back to their roots as a small scale festival for fun loving party goers.

2016 the 5th edition

Milkshake started in 2012 as a collaboration of clubs AIR and Paradiso and is based on the premisses “anything goes” or in other words: entertainment , music preference, clothing styles and status are not related with your sexual preference of the moment. Courtesy and love are the only rules at this festival. To get an impression of the festival, watch the after movie of the 2015 edition:

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