Man stabbed 10 times in Vondelpark cruising area

Last Saturday night (September 14), a 55-year old man has been stabbed 10 times in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam South.

The police call it a ‘gay related incident’. The attack happened in the Rosarium, the cruising area in the Vondelpark.

Despite the ferocity of the attack, the victim is already back home from the hospital. He describes the attacker as about 40 years old, bald and possibly Eastern European.

This is not the first time cruising men get attacked – all cruising areas are AYOR (At Your Own Risk)!

UPDATE: the cruising area will be extra watched by policemen in uniform and plainclothes. COC, the national LGBT organization, welcomes this move. The COC spokesperson welcomes this move as a sign that the police takes this case serious. The spokesperson also stresses that this cruising area, the Rosarium, will remain unsafe and lugubrious place.


kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Vondelpark 52.357190, 4.863639 Vondelpark, Rose GardenThe most well known cruising area nearby the centre is in the Vondelpark. When you walk into the park from the city centre it is on the right side of the park, at the end in an area known as the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is also a gay area on sunny days.Cruising is after dark, on nice summer days there might be something going on during the daytime as well.
Vondelpark cruising area
Vondelpark, pedestrian bridge

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