La Cage closed down

La Cage, bar and restaurant in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, has closed down as of the 23rd of October. We visited the place earlier this year and liked what we saw and tasted. La Cage also strengthened the gay scene in this area of town by organizing drag nights and other activities targeting the gay audience. Unfortanetely they didn’t make it.

La Cage prized out of the market?

The location has become the epicenter of failed gay bars and restaurants. Over the past decade we’ve seen the bars Arc, Eve and Dvars coming and going. All stylish concepts in a big space. That might be just te problem for a successful enterprise at this spot. The space is for rent and its’ interior is for sale, but priced quite high.

Pop up bar for blokes?

For the moment a pop-up bar has filled in the empty space. It is called Bar Broker. No reference to Brokeback Mountain, but taking a cue from the stock brokers. The gimmick in this bar is the stock market way of pricing the drinks. During the evening the price of a cocktail of beer can vary according to supply and demand. A giant ticker screen will you inform about the prices. This all sounds very blokish and straight. So for the next few months this spot seems to be lost for the LGBTQ community.

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