Join the Canal Parade with your own love boat

Canal Parade boat partyThe Amsterdam Canal Parade is one of the most famous amongst pride events. This year Amsterdam is hosting EuroPride for the second time and the Canal Parade is bigger and better than ever. If you can’t join the Parade not all is lost: this year you can still join in from anywhere in the world.

Canal Parade – the love boats

The pride organization put a website available where you create your own love boat. In a few simple steps on the Europride website you create your own paper boat with a personalized message. It can be your own story, your message to us in Amsterdam, a memory of a friend, in fact anything you like. All boats will be appearing in a gallery on the Amsterdam Europride website. Besides that all boats will take part in a live flotilla event on the pond in front of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Canal Parade – live web streams

Apart from joining with your own love boat, it is fun to watch the whole event. The official I Amsterdam website will stream highlights of several big events of the Europride such as the Canal Parade.

The website promises to stream the following events:

  • Senior Pride and Open Air Cinema on Thursday 4th August
  • Love Swim and Drag Queen Olympics on Friday 5th August
  • Canal Parade on Saturday 6th August
  • Closing Party on Sunday 7th August

So kick back, get a bottle of your favorite drink, a bucket of popcorn and enjoy!


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