IQMF director nominated for award ‘Amsterdammer of the year’

Chris Belloni, director of the International Queer and Migrant Film Festival (IQMF), has been nominated for the annual ‘Amsterdammer of the year’ award. With this award the city wants to put an Amsterdammer in the spotlight for his or hers special contribution to the city in the past year(s). In january 10 Amsterdammers are nominated for this award and until February the 15th you can vote on your favorite candidate. All candidates deserve the award, but for us Chris Belloni is the most deserving candidate.

Why vote for Chris Belloni?

Chris has been nominated because he initiated IQMF. This is film and debate festival celebrated its’ 5th edition last year. And Chris organizes support for the numerous art projects for LGBT and queer artists and activists he launched worldwide. Next to that he has also made two LGBTQI+ themed documentaries: “I am gay and Muslim” and “The Turkish Boat” about the first Turkish boat participating at the Canal Parade. He was also one of the organizers behind the Turkish boat.

How can I vote for Chris?

Voting for Chris is very simple. If you support IQMF and the work Chris is doing you can vote for him through this link, scroll down and tab the button “Stem Op Deze Kandidaat” (= Vote For This Candidate in Dutch). You can vote until the 15th of February. 

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