Homomonument celebrates 30 years with party and tramstop

The world-famous Homomonument celebrates its’ 30 years anniversary this year. The Homomonument is a real centre for the LGBTQI community in Amsterdam. The Homomonument is not only the centre of LGBTQI official remembrances and parties in Amsterdam. And on an almost daily basis people stop at the monument to privately think about loved ones. This time the LGBTQI community throws a party for the Homomonument on Saturday the 14th of October in Paradiso. And the city council joined in by renaming a tram stop.

The party

The party on the 14th of October promises to be a great one. The best DJ’s, performers and artists from the 30 year history of the Homomonument will come together and blow of the roof of the Paradiso club. No line-up is announced yet to this date, but watch the Facebook page for the latest news.

However you can buy already tickets. Paradiso is a club which normally requires a (temporary) membership, but to for this event. Prices for the party are very reasonable:

  • Super Early Bird: €12,50
  • Early Bird: €15,-
  • Regular: €17,50

You can buy your tickets online here.

The Homonument tramstop

The Homomonument is a true landmark and icon in Amsterdam. That is why the city and the local public transport company decided to celebrate the 30 years anniversary by renaming the nearby tram stop. This tram stop is one of the most well-known one for Amsterdammers and tourists, because it is where you get of the tram to visit the Anne Frank House and/or the Homomonument. Normally called tram stop Westermarkt, it is now called tram stop Homomonument for sex weeks.

Homomonument tramstop
Homomonument tram stop (c) Gemeente Amsterdam

Homomonument 30 years history

The Homomonument is a memorial in the centre of Amsterdam. It commemorates all gay men and lesbians who have been persecuted because of their homosexuality. Opened on September 5th 1987 and designed by Karin Daan, it takes the form of three large triangles made of pink granite. The monument stretches out onto the ground to form a larger triangle, on the bank of the Keizersgracht canal and near the historic Westerkerk church.

On the triangle pointing towards the Anne Frank House you can read a line of poetry by the Dutch Jewish gay poet Jacob Israël de Haan (1881–1924): “Naar Vriendschap Zulk een Mateloos Verlangen” (“Such an endless desire for friendship”). The text is from his poem To a Young Fisherman.

The idea of a permanent memorial to gay and lesbian victims of persecution dated from 1970. In that year gay activists tried to place a lavender wreath at the National War Memorial (Netherlands) on Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam to commemorate gay victims of the Second World War. However, the police arrested them and removed the wreath.