Get a Room! The end of cruising – in OT301

On January 14, the cultural centre OT301 organizes an evening about cruising, with 2 films and a debate afterward:

“Get a Room! The end of cruising”

20:00 The short film Bankers (2012) shows us what’s cruising really like. Filmmaker Antonio da Silva secretly filmed the sexual innuendo’s between London bankers on their lunch break.

20:15 The documentary The End of Cruising (2013) shows that something has changed in the past years. Public cruising areas like restrooms or parks, which used to be crowded with men getting their kick on, are now empty and deserted. Grindr and GayRomeo have become the digital alternatives to meet up and find new sexual partners. Without the risks of getting caught or beaten up.

22:00 discussion

For more details, click here.

Amsterdam public urinal
This is a typical Amsterdam public urinal, a green metal structure.

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