Follow up on Burlesque: Toppers Partycafé

Toppers Partycafé replaced Burlesque as of November the 8th. Recently we brought you the news on the sudden closure of restaurant Burlesque. Almost exactly a year after its’ opening this cabaret themed restaurant in the Reguliersdwarsstraat had to close doors. We heard rumors a new business was opening soon. This happened sooner and in a more unexpected way.

Toppers Partycafé: Who are De Toppers?

On November the 8th a new bar opened at the location of Burlesque: Toppers Partycafé. It is temporary bar, themed around a group of male singers called De Toppers. “Who are these gentlemen?”, you might wonder. De Toppers are a group of middle-aged Dutch singers, who mainly sing covers of (inter)national hits from especially the seventies and eighties. There performances are known for their over-the-top theatrics and their glitter outfits

Opening Toppers in Concert 2015
Toppers in Concert in 2015

You may also know them from the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. They performance was not at all popular with the European crowd. They didn’t reach the final of the show and ended up 17th in their semifinal. Their entry was Shine and it is seen as one of the low points in the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest history. You can watch their Eurovision performance at the bottom of the article at your own peril.

The reason behind the bar

So now they opened a bar, but why? Well, although De Toppers are an acquired taste, they are still popular in The Netherlands. Especially their once a year, over the top concerts in the Amsterdam soccer stadium (the Johan Cruyf Arena). And next year is the 15 year anniversary of the group, so in the run up to their concerts on May 31st and June 1st 2019 they opened this pop up bars.

What to expect of Toppers Partycafé

The bar has not changed much on the inside: so you can still enjoy the mirrors and the red decoration. In a quick make over they painted the outside of the bar white and put almost life-size posters of the band members on to the windows.

Expect Dutch sing along parties in de bar, with live performance on the Thursday through Sunday nights. Singers from a team of 6 regular singers will give these performances. De Toppers themselves will give regular guest appearances.

Since the core public of De Toppers are women between 30-60 years old from outside of Amsterdam, we expect this bar will get a straight bar atmosphere. But if our expectations come true and the public will largely be women of a certain age, it might be a welcome atmosphere for gay men who will appeal to the maternal instincts of the public.

We will give the bar a try in the near future and keep you posted.

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