First Dutch Rubber Weekend

The first ever Dutch Rubber Weekend will take place from May 31st till June 2nd. It is a three day weekend of rubber events and fun organized by the Dutch Rubbermen. Events range from a fundraising in Prik, rubber gear shopping with discounts, a BBQ in your rubber gear or a canal cruise on a boat in full rubber. Highlight will be the Mr Rubber NL 2019 elections during the Rubber Weekend Main party in The Eagle. Here is our selection of the events.

All about your rubber gear

The defining character of this weekend is the love of men in rubber. So it is no surprise that the various fetish shops will put special events on around their rubber offerings this weekend. Expect welcome drinks, special deals and of course the latest and greatest in rubber wear.

Rubber gear can be vulnerable to wear and tear. This is also depending how mild or wild you play of course in your rubber outfit 😉 But luckily the Dutch Rubbermen have thought about that. On June 1st you can follow a Rubber Repair workshop by RubberDutch. For €15,- you learn tips and tricks for easy rubber repair. On top of that you also receive a repair starters kit. There is a limited amount of tickets for this workshop, so be quick to get yours.

Get social with rubber men

Now you are fully dressed up in your new or repaired rubber gear. Where to meet up with men who have the same fetish? During the weekend you have loads of options to hang out with other (Dutch) rubber men.

The weekend starts of with a welcome drink at Bar Prik. This will be on May 31st from 5PM till 8PM. This event will be more than just meeting up with old and new friends. During this evening funds will be raised for “Het Blauwe Fonds”, a foundation which supports activities improving the postition of LGBTQI+ people in society.

Ahead of the main party of the Rubber Weekend, you can get together for a pre-party drink at The Web. From 7.30PM till 9PM you can get together with your friends before you head into the night of party and rubber fun.

The Rubber men parties

The main attraction of a rubber weekend is of course the ability to join several parties with other rubber men. Club Church kicks of the weekend with a rubber edition of their Blue party the evening before the rubber weekend. On May 30th from 10PM the drag queen and drag king party of Club Church will have a rubber feel for one night. Tickets are €7,50 at the door.

On May 31st you can party at Dirty Dicks from 9PM onwards. The event is a mix of social and party. One of the main events, is the possibility to meet up with the contestants for the Mr Rubber NL contest. Tickets are €10,- and a strict dress code is enforced, but for the tickets you get a free locker to change outfits.

The main party of the Rubber Weekend is on June 1st from 9PM onwards at The Eagle. The main event during the party will be the Mr Rubber NL election. Have fun, vote, socialize and enjoy the hot guys in rubber and the usual election show. DJRW will make the party even better by providing some excellent music.

Entrance fee also covers the cloakroom. Dress-code is enforced!

If you like to be a candidate for the Mr Rubber NL 2019 title and win great prizes, have a look at the Mr Rubber NL website and enlist as a contestant.

VIP package

Many events are free and many of the paid parties have modest ticket prices. But if you want to go all out this weekend, all these event can set you back quite a lot of money. So the organizers have come up with a VIP package. With this package you get access to almost all events and get a free Dutch Rubbermen T-shirt. Some events initially are only part of our VIP program and only up to separate tickets sales if there is enough capacity.

The VIP package will cost € 80,-. and only 40 VIP packages are available. If you want one… go get them now before they get sold out. On this site you will also find the other events we haven’t listed here.

For more details about the Rubber Weekend have a look at the Dutch Rubbermen website.

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