Europride 2016 – Canal Parade

European Commission
Who of these commissioners will be on the boat at the Canal parade?

Europride 2016 is this year in Amsterdam and one of the highlights will be the traditional Canal Parade. On Valentine’s day the line up for the Canal Parade was announced. Some big surprises were announced: the European Commission (the executive branch of the EU) will participate in support of LGBT rights. It’s like the White House participating with an official float in the New York Parade.

Sports theme

Amsterdam Europride 2016 logo
Also Adidas, this year the main sponsor of the Europride, will be visible with a boat in the Parade. Adidas made a statement this week, announcing that it would actively support LGBT sporters under Adidas sponsorship, who decide to come out. LGBT rights in sports is a major theme in this year’s pride with also a float of the Royal Dutch Rowing Association.

Kamaliya – the Ukranian Lady Gaga

Other special floats will be a boat with Kamaliya, also known as the Ukranian Lady Gaga. This artist is a active supporter of LGBT rights and wants to give a voice to the LGBT communities in Eastern Europe and of course Ukraine in particular.

Full list of boats

In other years the participants of the Canal Parade were drawn in a lottery. This year it was done differently: all potential participants had to hand in there proposals and a jury judged the entries and selected the best ideas. See for a full list of participants of the Canal Parade here.

The Canal Parade is a float of boats through the canals of Amsterdam and is the highlight of a 15 days extravaganza of parties, exhibitions and more LGBT related events late July and early August. We will keep you posted on this site with the latest news on Europride 2016.

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