Bob Angelo Medals awarded to Anne Krul and Dolly Bellefleur

COC handed out the annual Bob Angelo Medals this year to Anne Krul and Dolly Bellefleur. They received their medals during the traditional new years’ event of COC, the Dutch LGBTQI+ organization. With these medals COC wants to recognize important contributions towards the improvement of the position of LGBTQI+ people.

Anne Krul – activist, feminist, artist

Anne Krul got the medal for 40 years of groundbreaking work for LGBTQI+ people of colour. As an activist, feminist, artist and writer she fights for and supports LGBTQI+ people with a bicultural, migrant or refugee background. She fights against heteronormative attitudes, racism and gendernorms.

She calls herself a ‘ black dyke’ or ‘black gay woman’. Krul was for years the driving force behind bicultural LGBTQI+ organizations such as Black Orchid, Strange Fruit and the International Lesbian Information Service. She also worked on publications, research initiatives, collaborations and exhibitions. Most recently she was involved in the exhibition about bicultural LGBTQI+ history in Holland, Nos Tei at ILHIA LGBT Heritage.  

Dolly Bellefleur

Dolly Bellefleur is a well known artist within the LGBTQI+ community. She is the alter ego for the singer, comedian and poet Ruud Douma. Dolly Bellefleur celebrates her 30 year anniversary as an artist.

In all those years she has the LGBTQI+ community unconditionally. She performs at the Amsterdam Gay Pride, Roze Zaterdag (Pink Saturday) and many, many other big or small events. Dolly also performs at schools or a Pink Christmas Church service. She reads to small kids at kindergarten and she sings or presents at protests against anti LGBTQI+ violence.

Not only at public events she shows herself to be a perfect combination of glamour, artistry and activisme. Also in her columns, poems, theatershows, cartoons and self penned songs Dolly speaks her mind. If you search the internet for titles like ‘ Roze Planeet’ (Pink Planet), ‘Ik ben gay oké’ (I am gay okay), ‘Those were the gays’ or ‘Poetin Protestsong’ you can hear and see how Dolly puts fire and emotion into evens.

Bob Angelo Medal

The Bob Angelo Medal is named after Niek Engelschman. Engelschman used the pseudonym of Bob Angelo when he founded the COC in 1946 and became its’ first president. The medal was first awarded in 1991 and past recipients included Erwin Olaf, Boris Dittrich, Hans van Manen, Andreas Burnier and Derek Jarman.

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