Bob Angelo medals awarded to Homomonument Foundation and Karin Blankenstein

The Homomonument Foundation and Karin Blankenstein received the Bob Angelo Medals this year. They got the medals during the True Colors event of the LGBTQI+ organization COC in january. With these medals COC honors important contributors to the cause of LGBTQI+ people.

This years’ Bob Angelo Medal honorees

The Bob Angelo medal is awarded twice every year. This year one of the two honorees is the Homomonument Amsterdam Foundation. The Homomonument celebrated its’ 30 years anniversary in 2017. It was the first such monument in the world. Over the years it a has become a (inter)national focal point of LGBTQI+ liberation. The organization behind the monument wanted it to become a living, vibrant place and they have succeeded in that objective. Not only has the Homomonument become a place to commemorate, but also to protest, to party and to celebrate liberty and diversity.

You may not know the second honoree. But Karin Blankenstein has deservedly won this award. For years she campaigns for the acceptance of LGBTQI+ people in soccer and other sports. The world of sports often is very hetero normative and unfriendly to LGBTQI+ people. With so called ‘locker room talks’, rainbowbands for teamcaptains and other initiatives she and the John Blankenstein Foundation try to change this. The John Blankstein Foundation was founded in honor of Karin’s brother John. John was one of the first professional out gay soccer referees in The Netherlands and an outspoken gay rights activist.

Bob Angelo Medal

The COC awards the Bob Angelo Medal since 1991. It is on the one hand an hommage to COC founder Niek Engelschman, who used the name Bob Angelo in a time when it was safer to use a nom-de-plum as a gay man. The medals are awarded to persons, groups or organizations who have made an important contribution to the postion of LGBTQI+ people.

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