Big survey ‘Men and Sexuality’ aims to improve STD healthcare

The Survey Mannen & Seksualiteit (Men and Sexuality) is a study into the sexual behaviour and sexual health of men who have sex with men in the Netherlands. Soa Aids Nederland is conducting this research together with Utrecht University and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). It is a new national research especially, but not exclusively, aimed at young men, men with HIV, bisexual men and men with a migration background. The results will be used to improve STD health care in general and HIV care in particular.

Sex life and sexual health

The online questionnaire will address many aspects of your sexual life. It asks about your experiences with sex and the ways to prevent HIV and other STD’s, but also about your attitude towards sex and your health. ‘If we know more about what gay and bisexual men experience and think, we can give better targeted education to these men‘, according to head researcher Prof. Dr. John de Wit of the Univerisity of Utrecht. The results of this research will be made available to the public and the professionals involved in HIV- and STD healthcare.

Survey feedback from more different men

The researchers want to get the feedback from these young men, men living with HIV, bisexual men and men with a migration background, because there is not very much known about them. And these groups also deserve the best care. ‘With almost every online research among men who have sex with men, we see a disproportionate number of well education, white men responding,’ according to professor De Wit, ‘Their response is of course very welcome, but that makes the results of these researches unbalanced. We don’t hear enough about the needs and experiences of men from the other groups. As a result our health care and information might not reach these other groups as effectively. With this new online research we want to address this issue‘.

Where do I take the survey?

Soa Aids Nederland and the University of Utrecht call upon all men who have sex with men to fill in the online survey. The survey will only take about 20 minutes to fill in. The survey is not only available in Dutch, but also in French, English, Farsi, Turkish and Arabic.  And you have a chance to win one of twenty gift certificates of €25,-.

Would you like further information or do you have a question for the researchers? Take a look at the detailed information for participants.

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