Amsterdam Beach Pride by the Sea!

For many of you Amsterdam will probably already be a city by the sea. It only takes 30 minutes by train from the city centre to the beach town of Zandvoort. So it might not surprise you that the enterprising townsfolk of Zandvoort (aka Amsterdam Beach) are considering organizing their own Pride by the Sea. And this year it is finally going to happend: from 31st of July to the 2nd of August the beaches and streets of Amsterdam Beach wil be rainbow colored. A perfect midweek break during the two week Amsterdam Pride!

Pride by the Sea

Amsterdam Beach
Town hall Zandvoort waving the rainbow flag

Local business man Wim Peeters took the initiative. After the local town council agreed with the plan for a Gay Pride in Zandvoort, he reacted understandably enthousiastic in the local press. “I’m very happy that we succeeded [in getting support]. I’m very proud. We are going to sit around the table with the local business men and see with what kind of plans we can com up. One thing is for sure: there is going to be a parade.” So next to a Canal Parade, you can enjoy the spectacle of a beach parade this year!

Not only the local town council, but also the Amsterdam Pride organization fully support this initiative. They see this as a welcome addition to the Amsterdam Pride within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We  will keep you posted when more news about this Gay Pride at the beach comes out.

Amsterdam Beach

Amsterdam Beach
Zandvoort aka Amsterdam Beach

Amsterdam Beach is the international name for the beach town of Zandvoort. It is one of the most popular beach towns in Holland. You can easily reach it from Amsterdam with a direct train link which lasts 30 minutes. It is maybe not the most beautiful beach town, but it has an excellent sea shore with sandy beaches, beach huts and pubs and a boulevard. It is also known of its’ nude beach with a well known cruising area.



Zandvoort, nudist beach

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Zandvoort, nudist beach 52.358652, 4.518008 Zandvoort, nudist beachThe nudist beach of Zandvoort is located on the south side of this city: some 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam and then a good half hour walk (south) to the offical nudist beach. You’ll find lots of gay Amsterdam men enjoying summer on this beach. The dunes at this beach are known to be a cruising area, but not as popular as years ago. Mind you, this is not a part of the nudist beach and the police will (from time to time) make sure that everybody is sufficiently dressed and not too busy.Cruising is only in the daytime.