Staying in Amsterdam

The general options

One the top end of the market - Hotel L'Europe (c) Concierge.comAmsterdam has a large number of hotels ranging from decent zero star hotels to oppulent 5+ star hotels. We give you a selection of them here. The newest trends in the hospitality industry in Amsterdam are on the one hand Bed & Breakfast and on the other hand apartments. As this sector develops and expands and we will keep adding new adresses.

Amsterdam also has a couple of campsites within its city borders. We have to admit that camping is not our strongest point, but we plan to gather some information about this too and publish it over the next few months

Beware: also in Amsterdam there are illegal substandard or even dangerous hotels. They often try to get customers by talking to them at the airport or central station. Do not fall into their trap but follow either one of the links on this site or visit the offices of the Tourist Information to get a room in a reputable hotel.

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