Social traveling in Amsterdam: new rules and freedoms

Amsterdam_airbnbAmsterdam has launched a new policy, which combines strict control on illegal hotels and freedom for regular citizens to rent out sleeping places on social traveling sites like Airbnb ,Wimdu and your house on these sites is allowed, as long as you will house no more than four guests at one time. An annoying rule for groups of people traveling, like families with kids, who will quickly pass this limit and can’t use social traveling according to these rules. On the other hand there will be no limit on the number of nights you can stay in houses offered on social traveling site. So visitors will still be able to experience to stay-at-a-home visit in Amsterdam … as long as it is not with too many people at the same address.

If people want to offer their house to more than four guests at one time, they will have to comply with the regular rules for hotels and B&B’s in Amsterdam. In other words: they will have to comply with health and safety rules, buy a permit and pay tourist tax. The city will regulate these rules strictly. The city will also set up a help line where people can submit complaints about illegal hotels.

With this policy the city is trying to give a clear playing field for social traveling, while at the same time curtailing the illegal hotel business. According to Airbnb about 20% of the houses in Amsterdam offered on their site are illegal hotels. So if your’re booking a place to sleep on one of these social traveling sites, look out if the booking complies to the 4 person rule.




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