Golden Bear Hotel no longer gay

The Golden Bear Hotel in Kerkstraat in Amsterdam was always one of the gay household names in gay Amsterdam. But this no longer appears to be the case. The website changed, and the name has become ‘Quentin Golden Bear Hotel’.

And on the website not a single word about targeting a gay clientele.

In various comments on e.g. TripAdvisor we found this hotel no longer is explicitly catering for gay clients – so GayLinc will move it to our ‘Graveyard” of venues that once were gay/lesbian.

From one of the reviews (by Mark B from New York):
This hotel was sold to a chain corporation and I felt like a Jew staying at a camp!!! Don’t give your gay euros, dollars or whatever to this place. They even had the audacity to take our flag down!!!! So many more gay friendly hotels. Sorry to see the death of the true “Golden Bear”. I just wonder when they will change the wi-fi code” golden bear gay”?? Go figure!!!! I will truly miss David and Peter!!!

And by Keith from London:

Golden Bear without rainbow flag
Golden Bear without rainbow flag

Sadly, the Golden Bear has been purchased by a chain. The new owners are in the process of “updating” the rooms; the result is modern, corporate, and characterless. Gone are the Old World charm and the gay Amsterdam tradition. Breakfast is also history.
All things must change. Time to move on. I’m thankful for all the memories.”



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    RT @StudJulian: Golden Bear Hotel no longer gay

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    Golden Bear Hotel no longer gay

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    So sad! I stayed here on my first night of my very first trip to Europe. I had very fond memories of my stay.

    It seems so many gay owned businesses all over the world have closed in the past couple of years. I realize tolerance has increased, but all things considered when I want a beer after a hard day at work, or to stay somewhere on a well earned vacation, I just prefer the company of other gay people. It seems us gays are being losing our rock star status with special clubs and hotels. Now we have to stay at corporate chains, drink at crappy sports bars, and listen to straight people drone on about their kids and marital problems.

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