Marjan Sax

Marjan Sax (Amsterdam, 1947) is a Dutch lesbian, feminist, activist and co-founder of Mama Cash. In 1983 Sax inherited a significant amount of money. She used it to set up Mama Cash. The foundation supports initiatives by women in the Netherlands and abroad. Mama Cash started small and over the years it has grown into an international organization, supporting initiatives in many countries. A great overview of the success of Mama Cash can be found on a dedicated website.

Marjan Sax (picture from WikiPedia)

Marjan Sax was involved in many initiatives, such as Dolle Mina (early feminist group, founded 1969), the pro-abortion movement and De Rode Draad (supporting sex workers). She was also involved in setting up Female Studies at the University of Amsterdam and in founding the Lesbian Archive, now part of the IHLIA LGBT Heritage (also know as the Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian museum).

She received many awards, notably the Zilveren Anjer awarded by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds in 1995 and the Bob Angelo Penning in 1997.

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