Jacob Schorer

Jacob Schorer (1866-1957) was a lawyer and founder of the first Dutch committee (N.W.H.K.) aimed at acceptance of homosexuality. In 1911 the Dutch government introduced clause 248Bis (similar to clause 28 in the UK), which was very much a clause to prosecute and discriminate homosexuals. One year later Jacob Schorer founded the N.H.W.K. (following the example of Magnus Hirshfeld) and brought together a small group of people, working hard to change the common view about homosexuality and to get 248Bis removed. He openly talked about homosexuality and was able to talk to many influential people. The start of the war in May 1940 in the Netherlands meant he had to dismantle the N.W.H.K and destroy its archive. The extensive library was stolen by the Nazi’s. After the war he continued his battle. It would take until 1971 (so 14 years after Jacob Schorer’s death) before 248Bis was withdrawn.

Jacob Schorer was one of the first to talk openly about homosexuality. He dedicated his life to improving the social and legal position of homosexuals.


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