From and to the airport

Best way is to travel by train. They take some 15-20 minutes and run frequently. You can buy a ticket from one of the machines in the main hall at Schiphol airport. Buy a single ticket to Amsterdam Central Station. The user interface is in English. The machine will accept coins and credit cards with a pin. The ticket is actually a chip card so you need to check in to validate. Checking out is recommended but not necessary in case you have a single ticket.
Amsterdam Central Station is probably where you want to go, but please check in advance.
A taxi will be more expensive. A taxi from the airport to the city centre may cost you upto 50 euros. Make sure you take an official taxi, one from the central stand at the airport. Others may be much more expensive and unreliable.
When traveling to the airport a taxi maybe a tempting alternative, carrying all your luggage and presents to the station isn’t ideal. However taxis in Amsterdam do not always provide a good service. Make sure you take an official one and check they start the meter for you. Or be clever and book one via A good and reliable service. 


Travel by train

Buy your ticket at the machines at the station. A return ticket is a bit cheaper than two singles. Don’t forget to check in and out. Dutch railway offers first and second class. Your choice, but make sure you sit in the right compartment.


Travel by car

Rent a car via your travel agent of directly from one of the well known companies. Driving in Amsterdam may be a challenge; parking your car will definitely be a challenge. The city doesn’t offer a lot of parking space and the ones that are available will be expensive.


Travel by tram, metro and bus

In 2009-2010 a card similar to the London Oyster Card was introduced. You load some money on the new card (to be bought at a machine) and you swipe it when beginning your trip, swiping it again when you get off. You also have to swipe it (twice) when you change trains or buses. You can’t swipe it for your friend too so you have to have one each. There seems to be a way of using it for a bicycle, but we haven’t figured it out yet. The card is to be used on trams, buses and metro.

Here’s our suggestion: when in Amsterdam, go to one of the railway or metro stations, buy a card per person, put some money on it and don’t hesitate to ask for support. A short trip will cost you approximately one euro.




Travel by bicycle

Something you should of course try. But please be aware that local cyclists expect you to go fast(er). If you keep to that simple rule, we’re sure you will enjoy your ride.


Travel by rickshaw or beer-cycle

Just don’t.

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