Una Mujer Fantástica – Dutch film premiere

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Date(s) - 26/08/2017
21:30 - 23:15

De Balie


World Cinema Amsterdam and De Balie invited International Queer & Migrant Film Festival to co-host the Dutch premiere of “Una Mujer Fantástica”. Ana Paula Lima will introduce the film.

“Una Mujer Fantástica”- Sebastián Lelio

There’s one person who is really crazy about her, though: textile company executive Orlando, twenty years her senior. One night he wakes up with breathing problems and a headache. They rush to hospital, where he dies due to an aneurysm. Marina finds herself facing the police who mistrust her, and Orlando’s ex-wife and their son who do not want her in their lives. They take everything away from her, even exclude her from the funeral. Marina won’t have it. Awarded at the Berlinale.

Note: the introduction will be held in Dutch.
The introduction to “Una Mujer Fantástica” will be provided by Ana Paula Lima, who is part of the programers team for the International Queer Migrants Film Festival.

Ana Paula Lima (35) is born in São Paulo, Brasil and fled to Europe 15 years ago. She is renowned for her transgender-rights activism: she is active for Trans United Amsterdam/ COC Amsterdam and is an ambassador of the Amsterdam Pride. Since 2016 she is the instigator and project leader of the Transboat during the canal parade. Equality and mutual respect both inside and outside the LHBTIQ+ community are the driving force behind her activism.

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