TransIT August edition

Transit August edition poster

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Date(s) - 19/08/2017 - 20/08/2017
23:00 - 05:00

Club Akhnaton


TransIT August edition is the next edition of the new party concept in the LGBTQI club scene.
“If you love to Party hard, if you’re a Party Beast then it’s a party not to be missed… party hard, Dance, Sweat, Make love, Friends and Blow up the roof till the last remaining of our energy…. let’s release the beast inside….”

TransIT August edition line up

  • DJ ESSO(Posh Club Beirut) – For the First time in Amsterdam.
    DJ ESSO with many residencies including 5 years @ Posh. During his residency, Esso has helped the club evolve from small venues with a minor following to a completely new dimension of clubbing. His style combines elements of house, tribal and techno, while drawing influences from the local sounds of the region as he continues to challenge the crowd and push their spirits higher.
    In recent years, Esso has played at a number of International and European clubs and festivals, including Fantasia, Dubai, Kluster, Madrid and Red&Blue, Antwerp as well as Infinita Festival 2016 and Dies3l Festival 2017 both in Spain. He has also had the opportunity of playing alongside some well-known, international DJs including Offer Nissim and the talented Pagano, as well as Lucas Flamefly, Suri, Tom Siher, Thomas Solvert, Enrico Meloni and Thiago Olivera.
  • DJ Caspian C (Resident)
    He doesn’t need much of introduction! Well known for his energetic sensational Progressive/Tribal/Circuit beats and his aggressive power mixes will make you dance your socks off!!


€10,- at the door

Dress code and facilities

  • Play area
  • Smoking lounge
  • Coat Check
  • Cash and Pin
  • No Dress Code