Towards Zero Together – Aids 2018 March

Towards Zero Together

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Date(s) - 23/07/2018
13:00 - 16:00



On 23 July 2018, thousands of hiv and AIDS activists from all over the world will hold a protest march under the banner ‘Towards Zero Together’. They will have come together because of the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. Leading up to the official opening of the conference, diverse communities will make their voices heard. They will raise awareness for topics from human rights and access to medicines, to political support and funding for the fight against hiv and AIDS.

The list of demands being voiced in the march is as manifold as it’s number of participants. For an impression of the different issues being raised, look at the Facebook info page of the march. The overall goal however is to get hiv and AIDS out of this world.

Do you want to join in the protest march, to make your voice heard and fight together with other hiv activists for a better quality of life for all who live with hiv? The march starts at 1PM at the Amstelveld in the city centre and ends at the conference hall RAI at 4PM.


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