Sehaqi Queer Food** // Benefit Dinner for Sehaq

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Date(s) - 28/10/2017
19:00 - 21:00



Sehaqi Queer Food is a VEGAN benefit dinner to support SEHAQ a Queer Refugees Group. A 3-course menu VEGAN dinner from the cuisine(s) of the Middle East and North African region is served. The exact menu to-be-announced later.

The dinner is open to everyone: refugees and non-refugees. The event works with a system of suggested donation on a sliding scale from €6 till €29.

Sehaq Queer Refugee Group

Sehaq does not have any form of funding, and it needs financial support to cover the travel expenses of refugees attending its regular monthly events (e.g. “Sehaq Cafeteria”), and its bi-monthly events (e.g. benefit parties, workshops/community-building/film-screening events, LBQT-refugees-only events). Sehaq’s refugee participants travel by train from different refugee camps in the Netherlands to attend Sehaq events in Amsterdam. Sehaq needs money to pay for those group train tickets.

SehaQ collective is fully dependent on volunteering. There is always a need for new volunteers to help organizing the events whether for cooking, cleaning or any other tasks that event needs.
If you are interested please contact us on this email:

Sehaqi Queer Food at Vrankrijk

Vrankrijk is a well known centre for squatters, critical thinkers and an important part of the alternative queer scene. So the people within Vrankrijk teamed up with Sehaq to try to build up funds for this group of refugees with this culinary event.
After Sehaqi Queer Food you can stay for Mich-Halloween Party & Open-Stage Performances at Vrankrijk on the same night!

Sehaqi Queer Food poster