Remembrance day at the Homomonument

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Date(s) - 04/05/2017
19:30 - 20:30


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On the 4th of May the Dutch remember all those who died in the Second World War and of all armed conflicts after that. On this Remembrance Day the whole nation adheres to two minutes silence at exactly 8 o’clock PM. The thoughts are not only than given to soldiers, but also to civilians who fell. The national remembrance service is on the Dam square, where all the members of the national elite gather.

Remembrance day for LGBTQ people

At the same time there is an official remembrance service at the Homomonument for all those LGBTQ people who have fallen during arm conflict and persecution. It may be less stately than the national service around the corner, but it always attracts a large and diverse crowd. You can expect speeches from officials from the city and LGBTQ organizations.

Everybody can lay their flowers at the lower end of the Homomonument which sticks out into the canal. You can not helped but be touched by the sight of all those different people commemorating those they love and respect. If you are in the city we warmly recommend you to participate in this event.

Remembrance Day at Homomonument
Remembrance Day at Homomonument. Credit: J.Koopmanschap