‘Princesses of Sheba at Night’ exhibition

Princesses of Sheba at Night poster

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Date(s) - 12/01/2018 - 18/03/2018
10:00 - 22:00



‘Princesses of Sheba at Night’ tells the story of six young gay people in Marseille. Each one of them with their own unique history. But all of them share a common desire to express themselves as gay and as a cross dresser. Only showing it without all the verbal and physical abuse they have to deal with.

Standing strong together, living their dream

They get together at night to dress and make up and go out together. They are dressed beautifully and parade like princesses on their high heels through the streets of Marseille. Together they feel stronger and more courageous to make their dreams come true. These six men form part of a bigger group, all of them with a North African background. They either grew up in France as children of migrants or they migrated themselves from North Africa to France. But all of them have a muslim background.

These brave young people chose to show themselves in this photographic series with their male and female identity. They tell their stories of pride, tenderness en honesty.  They share their lives, their fears and joys, their desires and dreams about the future.

A photographic documentary

This exhibition is the first part of a documentary photographic project called Lotheidoscope. For the Lotheidoscope project, photographer Jean-Christophe Husson made the pictures and his wife Delphine Gubert wrote the texts.

The exhibition has free entry