Oriendam 2017 by Secret Garden

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Date(s) - 30/04/2017
18:00 - 22:00

Mezrab Cultural Centre


OrienDam 2017 is an event that aims to bring art together with the issues of refugees in The Netherlands. The event takes place during two dates: on april the 30th is the debate and exhibition and on May the 6th a party. All proceeds will go to Emir Shams stichting Secret Garden in order to fund future activities.

At the location of the debate and exhibition photographs by different artists will be displayed. They portrayed LGBTQI refugees who were victims of discrimination in the refugees centres in Holland.

Oriendam hopes to improve social tolerance by combining art, debate and a documentary in this event. With this increased social tolerance they hope to improve the security of these LGTQI refugees by making it part of the debate.

Program of the Oriendam 2017 debate and exhibition

First session:

The event begins with a dance performance by one of the leading activists Alaa Ammar. Right afterwards they will screen the documentary made by the most talented Carlos Motta in collaboration with the Stedelijke Museum, about the journey of LGBTQI refugees from the Middle East to the Netherlands, their dwelling in the Dutch refugee camps and the struggle and difficulties they face.

Following the documentary a book gathering stories of discrimination LGBTQI people face in the refugee camps, will be presented.

Afterwards we will hold a debate hosted by Bart Mijland.

Second session:

This session begins by screening a documentary about the LGBTQI emancipation and acceptance among migrants in the Netherlands.

Following the documentary is a discussion hosted by Bart Mijland.

Third session:

The designers Jamal Saadi (Syria), Maytham Hanoun (Iraq) and George Elias (Syria) will hold a fashion exhibition, hosted by Jennifer Hoplezz. Following the show Miram (Egypt) will perform a traditional belly dance.

Between the first and the second sessions a catering with oriental dishes will be served to the sounds of “Angham Al Sharq” music band.

Tickets can be bought on this website. They cost €35,-