NEU NOW night x TraffaMafia x GenderBendingQueerParty

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Date(s) - 16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017
20:00 - 02:30



NEU NOW organises an extravagant, artistic party in one of Amsterdam’s best know art and party hot spots. In their own words: “A Party Without Art Is Just A Drag”. And they invite you on that outrageous outfit that’s been hiding in your closet since forever.

NEU NOW will tickle you with a mixture of performances, intimate art commentary sessions, drag queens extraordinaire, genderqueer club kids and ‘bodacious’ music. The exhibition space will be open the entire night for a tipsy little gander.

Tickets for full night or party only

Tickets FULL NIGHT (incl. Performances) are between € 19,96 – € 27,26 and can be bought online here
Tickets PARTY ONLY are between € 7,45 – € 11,62 and can be bought online here

International Line-Up

Unikat by Astrit Ismaili and Blerta Ismaili 

This brother and sister duo’s performance is the result of an investigation into the relations between image and sound. Unikat delves further into an exploration of identity and body politics.

Beauty & the Beast by Enis Turan 

Inspired by the freak shows of the 19th century, Turan’s Beauty & the Beast twists and dissolves existing concepts of 21st century normality. A performance that lies between the subtle edges of parody, irony, sincerity and honesty.

Art club ultra – works in progress (vol. 2) hosted by Franky Dmiedo by Franco Cortez 

Host Franky D’miedo interviews self-taught or formally trained artists as part of an art battle in the format of a talk show. Cortez appropriates ideograms and memes from social media as theatrical props as he investigates the accessibility of art both online and offline.


NEU NOW night hosts TraffaMafia are known to light up a dancefloor. They consis of Amsterdam-based DJs and drag queens Nancy Goreng and Hoax + Heisa Jynx of Tranny 4/7. The Club NYX residents will offer up an unforgettable evening. Featuring Jake Credit of the band FATA BOOM.

Gender Bending Queer Party

The GenderBendingQueerParty crew hails from Rotterdam – a bunch of messy genderclowns with a serious mission. They create safer party spaces for gender non-conforming clubkids and other deviants. They stage activations, interventions and holding space throughout the evening.

Patty Morgan Boardroom Sessions

The madcap mavericks over at Patty Morgan invite you to turn the tables on conventional art talks. Take a seat at their mobile boardroom table for a freewheeling discussion on the artwork on show in NEU NOW gallery. Whether you’re curious about a piece or just looking to vent about the state of contemporary politics and your broken bike, you may do so here in the presence of cute strangers.

In the NEU NOW gallery

Exhibition of 13 diverse visual/multi-media works with subject matter ranging from critiques on contemporary issues to surprising stimulations of the senses.

  • IF ANY QUESTION (please do not disturb) by Laurent Delom (BE/FR). A 4-minute intimate performance w/ 3 guests at a time.
  • 1859 kilo, 15 h 15’ by Emma van Roey (BE). The piece comments on the cyclical and illusory nature of time.
  • NEU NOW screen – short films program on loop in the gallery space affectionately known as ‘the chapel’.


Art that challenges, craves investigation and it matters. NEU NOW stands for art that is evocative. In a world where easy consumption has become the norm, NEU NOW invites you to challenge your perspective through cutting edge artworks, talks and presentations that strive to go deeper. NEU NOW are devoted to presenting the work of exceptional emerging artists from art academies across Europe and beyond.

NEU NOW is an initiative of ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts.

More info on their website.