Label Unknown presents: Nandu, Hary Shanthi and Secret Guest

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Date(s) - 05/05/2018 - 06/05/2018
13:00 - 03:00

De Prael Houthavens


Label Unknown hosts the official launch of the documentary “Niet Gay Genoeg” (Not Gay Enough) in collaboration with LGBT Asylum Support Netherlands. A national Dutch tv program recently covered the work of LGBT Asylum Support Netherlands. What this program showed is, that the rules governing refugees in The Netherlands cause many problems for LGBTQI+ refugees. They fled their country, often because they are gay or lesbian, and now they have to prove even in The Netherlands that they are gay.

LGBT Asylum Support actively lobbies for new rules and legislation concerning refugees who are forced to leave their home country because their sexual identity.

Right after showing the documentary a fundraiser party starts. A 12 hour music marathon with resident DJ’s and Copenhagen based Crate Digger. The infamous “Culture Box” resident NANDU has been invited to be part of the story on this day.

Don’t miss this perfect electronic delight on our national Freedom day! Together we can shape the future generations! Let’s stand for our freedom together! Hope to see you all on May 5th!

Line up

Guest speaker(s):

  • LGBT Asylum Support Netherlands
  • Various tba

Music will start at 3 pm:

  • Nandu (Calypso Chili/Azzur)
  • Hary Shanthi
  • Out Of Words
  • secret guest(s)


  • Visuals by our very own Sander Hoeks
  • Casper Strietman – Live Art Exhibition


  • BBQ (It’s finger licking good!)
  • Poffertjes (made with passion and love)
  • De Prael Menu

During our event funds are raised for art & gifts for LGBT Asylum Support Netherlands and more to be announced.

Free entrance!

You can only use cards to purchase drinks and food at the venue.

Label Unknown

WE ARE EQUAL is an event organized by Label Unknown. At the event they bring together stories, people and music. It’s more than just a party. It’s a platform for change. A place where to talk, to share and to be. A place where new connections are created. So drop all your plans, get out of your “box” and join in. Get inspired by guest speakers and enjoy an interesting mix of electronic music from resident dj’s and crate diggers alike.

The 5 Core values  of the events by Label Unknown

Underground music connects people from various backgrounds. It is one of the most powerful instruments that we humans created. Through music many stigma’s become irrelevant and it opens our souls to experience the unknown.

1: Educate, Inspire and Change
Come and join the discussion. Prior to each event they will organize Inspiration Sessions. They invite inspiring people who will share their life story that promotes the core values of Label Unknown.

2: Artists
Theycarefully handpick crate diggers and educators all around the world to unify in a unique aspect by manifesting their musical talents purely in the notion to bring us all together under one roof.

3: Sound
Their sound can’t be placed in a box just like us humans. Their music is a mix of cosmic, melodic and deep. Label Unknown doesn’t restrict themselves to one genre, but are inspired by the reflection of the artist’s identity and values through their sounds.

4: Community
Label Unknown is a strong community that actively discusses their mission. Being part of the Label = Unknown community means you are an ambassador for change. A change within us that delivers the best version of ourselves to the society.

5: Corporate Social Responsibility
They collaborate with various organizations that share our values to promote humanity, which is the heart of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

Label Unknown poster

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