A fireside chat: inside leather history with Martijn Bakker

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Date(s) - 29/10/2016
14:00 - 16:00

Club Church


Inside Leather History, A Fireside Chat and LeatherHistory.eu Foundation will organise an interview with Martijn Bakker. This interview with the well-known Amsterdam leather and fetish entrepreneur will be held live on stage at Club Church (free entry). The interview is in English and the audience can field questions.

martijn-bakkerA Fireside Chat

“Inside Leather History, A Fireside Chat” is a program by the Leather Archives & Museum from Chicago. The Fireside Chat is a live-on-stage interview project. It wants to record the stories of people who have made a contribution to the leather and fetish scene.

The chats are recorded and will be preserved at the Leather Archives & Museum and local archives. The project is a co-production of Mistress Joanne Daddy, Christina Court, technical director Von Tamel of the American “Leather Journal” and Douglas O’Keeffe, a leatherman from Chicago. O’Keeffe will be the presenter and interviewer of this Fireside Chat.

Martijn Bakker

As an owner of leather and fetish store RoB, Martijn Bakker has played an important role in the Amsterdam leather and fetish scene. He furthermore published a leather magazine and was owner of Club Fuxxx and the bar Argos. He also organized the first Amsterdam Leather Pride in 1996. Martijn will have a lot of stories and observations to share with us during this public interview.

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