Homomonument party on King’s Night & King’s Day

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Date(s) - 26/04/2017 - 27/04/2017
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On King’s Night and King’s Day the Amsterdam LGBTQ community and their friend have their own Homomonument party. The world-famous Homomonument (LGBTQ monument) is not just a memorial, but also a well established place to party.

Join the happy crowd for the typically Dutch celebrations of King’s Night and King’s Day. Officially the Dutch celebrate their King’s Birthday, but in reality it is just one big open street party. All around Amsterdam you can walk around, drink a beer or buy some second hand goods on the street. But one of the highlights are the parties at the Homomonument.

Dance under the sun to great music spun by Amsterdam’s finest DJs. It is one of the most popular LGBTQ street parties during King’s Night and King’s Day. Expect an eclectic crowd full of queers, queens, dykes, butches and femmes and everything in between. We always like it’s relaxed and festive atmosphere.

At King’s Night the party lasts from 7 PM till 12 PM. The next day the party starts again at 11 AM till 8 PM.

The Homomonument party is an outdoor festival and is free for all. You make it all possible by supporting the organization by buying a drink at on of their bars.

Homomonument party
King’s Night 2015 (c) Stichting Homonument