Four Drags and a Funeral (Sold out)

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Date(s) - 23/02/2018
20:00 - 22:00



Four Drags and a Funeral is a fast paced comedy about family, love, loyalty and bingo. It tells the story of four Amsterdam drag queens on a journey to a Dutch province on a special mission. The fifth member of their drag club has died. But before she died they promised her to bury her as the ‘Bingo-queen of Amsterdam’, not as a man. So of they go to his strictly protestant place of birth, where he lies in a coffin and they attempt to fulfill their promise.

It sounds all very serious, but with four drag queens on the road it promises to be a hilarious evening. Despite all the laughs it will also touch on a serious theme: a part of your family you get when you are born, but another part of your family you choose yourself later in life. Which part of your family is the real one? And can you ask or even answer this question?

Cast and tickets

The play is performed in Dutch, so you will have to be able to understand the language to be able to enjoy the performance.

Cast of this play consists of Hans Goes, Wim Kok, Alexander van der Doorn, Joey Ploch and Bianca Nunnink. The play is written by Jos Ahlers and directed by Thomas Terstal

For the moment there are two play dates in Amsterdam of which this first one is already sold out. For the second date on the 24th of February there are still tickets available online for €17,99.

Watch the website to look for more performances in other cities and maybe return visits to Amsterdam.

Four Drags and a Funeral publicity photo