Dragqueen cabaret at Casa Rosso

Dragqueen Cabaret Amsterdam

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Date(s) - 10/12/2017
15:00 - 17:30

Casa Rosso


In the dark days of December you can get an extra doses of warmth and entertainment at the world famous sex theatre Casa Rosso. But not as you might expect. Travestiecabaret Amsterdam or Dragqueen Cabaret Amsterdam will for the fifth year put on a special Sunday afternoon show. And on 26th of December (second Christmas day in The Netherlands) is an extra show.

Old and new names

Expect a show full of songs performed live, many of those songs being originals. Apart from organizer Coco Coquette you can expect established starts like Molly Strychnine, Victoria False and Dora Royale. A new addition to this years’ line-up is Agnes Geneva, winner of the EuroSongTravestival 2017. And on top of that Marlene XL wil show her talents.

But the show will not be all drag. As a variation between all the sparkle and glitter Mario Magic, Bi Polar and de Poppers will show themselves in all their masculine glory.


Tickets for only €20,- are available online (site in Dutch, scroll down the page for the tickets buttons). You can also buy tickets at Gays & Gadgets.

To give you a change to make a last minute dash for the warmth of this glamorous show, the organizers will always have a limited number of tickets at the door for the same price.