Debate ‘More space for everyone: what is sexual diversity’

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Date(s) - 31/01/2018
19:30 - 21:30

Pakhuis De Zwijger


A Bi think tank of activists, academics and policy makers have convened six times over the last year. They explored sexual diversity from the perspective of bisexuality.

This evening they present their findings in a couple of theses and the Dutch version of the game ‘Beyond Binaries’. This game has been developed by Robyn Ochs, a bi-activist in the USA, with the aim to make sexual diversity more visible.

During this event other topics will be discussed, like the vast variety of bi-identities, how bisexuals are confronted with monosexism and the relationship between gender and sexuality.


Debate in Dutch, entry is free, limited number of tickets

This evening will be in Dutch, but despite that it might be still of interest for you if you don’t speak this language.

Entry is free, but there is only space for 60 people. So you have to get a (free) ticket beforehand online.

Sexual diversity poster