Cruising areas

Like many things in Holland cruising and having sex in public is officially not allowed, but in reality tolerated. So over the years a couple of areas have become known as places where men meet and have some fun. The last years there have hardly been reports on violence in these cruising areas, but you never know so watch out and play it safe!

UPDATE march 2017: on Friday night, March 3rd a man was stabbed at the Oosterpark, apparently when cruising. The police continues to investigate the case. Please be very careful when you plan to go cruising at the Oosterpark.

UPDATE July 2017: an incident happened at the Nieuwe Meer (Amsterdam West) when a man was attacked. Around 11pm a men was talking to a group of 8 young men on scooters when one of them hit him badly and broke his jaw. The police is investigating the case. The Nieuwe Meer has been a nice area for nudism and cruising, but with a rapidly expanding city it is not as remote and unknown as it used to be.

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Cruising, the traditional way

In the centre of Amsterdam you see a lot of green metal structures in the shape of a round, open little houses. These are the traditional public urinals, which used to be the cruising areas in the old days. The last urinal to be reported as ‘in use’ was the one on the corner of the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and Keizersgracht. This is a ‘double’ urinal, with two compartments. It has been discussed in the Amsterdam City Council, as there were plans to remove it. The Gay Movement (COC) explained in the council that anonymous sex took place here, and that this was an important function for gays still in the closet. The double urinal was consequently not removed.
We’re not exactly sure if something is still going on there, though. If you think there is, please let us know!

Amsterdam public urinal
This is a typical Amsterdam public urinal, a green metal structure.

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