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The people of GayLINC roam the city of Amsterdam for news. We cycle through the streets, we visit parties and exhibitions and we talk to the people in the Amsterdam LGBTQ scene. But there is only so much we can do in a day.

We would love to hear from people within the Amsterdam LGBTQ community and share their news with the world. Do you organize a party, an exhibition or another event within the LGBTQ community in Amsterdam? Are you proud of your organization or business and want to talk with us about it? Tell us!

GayLINC is an independent platform to share your news and views with the rest of the world. But don’t be afraid for some sharp questions we might ask you. Because as an independent news platform run by volunteers, our readers expect us to be nosy, critical and opinionated: that’s how they have come to trust our website.

Contact GayLINC

So if you are active within the Amsterdam LGBTQ scene and want to share some news with us and the rest of the world: let us know! Send an email to redactie [at] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Hope to hear from you soon!