Transgenders thinking out of the box

Festival poster for the TranScreen Film Festival 2013 edition
Festival poster for the TranScreen Film Festival 2013 edition

This week Amsterdam hosts the transgender film festival: TranScreen. It is the one of the largest film festivals about masculinity, femininity and above all anything in between. To draw attention to the difficult position many transgenders find themselves in, the artist Willemijn Da Campo lived for three days locked up in a wooden igloo. This symbolizes the isolated position of transgenders around the world. Willemijn was released from her isolation at the opening of the TranScreen festival on wednesday. Her statement was echoed by the people visiting the festival who stressed to think the importance of thinking out of the box, something transgenders do by nature.

On the website of TranScreen, you can find information of the programming of the festival this year and related events by the TranScreen organisation. You can also see a short impression of the opnening of  TranScreen festival on the local AT5 news station. This item is in Dutch.

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