Secret Love, homosexual love in China: A Must See

Secret Love (Tropenmuseum, Linneausstraat 2 in Amsterdam, closed on Monday) shows 45 works by 10 Chinese artist. It is the world’s first large contemporary art exhibition from China on homosexuality and gender and therefore forms a new chapter in the country’s art history.

Secret Love is all about homosexuality, gender, desire and taboo. You’ll see video’s, photo’s and traditional paper cutting; all seem reflecting today’s China. The video showing two couples on Valentine’s day gives some insight in the public opinion about homosexuality and in the struggle to be gay or lesbian.

In a way it seems that there is freedom for the two couples (the police officers seem more concerned with the traffic than anything else) but as Lin Zhipeng put it “In China’s tradition-laden environment, it may seem as if we of the younger generation already have freedom, but it is freedom that we seek.” Secret Love offers a unique impression of a changing society. Much more information here.

sailors secret love
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