Rudi van Dantzig died

Dutch dancer, choreographer, writer and artistic director Rudi van Dantzig died last week at the age of 78. Van Dantzig started dancing late, but then became very succesfull as dancer. Later as a choreographer he created over 50 ballets, many of them still being performed today. One of his best known ballets is ‘Monument for a deceased boy’. For Rudolph Nureyev he created three ballets. Together with Hans van Maanen and Toer van Schayk he was responsible for the remarkable quality of Dutch modern ballet.

Rudi van Dantzig the writer

Van Dantzig was also a profilic writer. He wrote biographies of ballet dancers, wrote fiction and the autobiographic novel “For a Lost Soldier”. It became a bestseller as a book and as a movie made after the book. Despite its homosexual theme its integrity and sincerity touched a broad public. And it was also his integrity and sincerety as a person that touched so very many.

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