Lellebel Musical for 20 years anniversary of the dragbar

Dragbar Lellebel celebrates its’ 20 years anniversary this year. And to celebrate it in style, they put on a musical. “Lellebel the Musical” is an initiative of Hans Wijtenburg. It will be performed in Amsterdam on 19th, 20th and 21st of October. However, all performances are already sold out! So they put on an extra performance on the 23rd of October in Purmerend (a city north of Amsterdam).

What is Lellebel the musical about?

The musical is meant for all people who look at the world around them with an open mind. They get the chance to have a peek into the LGBTQI community. To achieve that effect, the makers of the musical have centered the story on a “straight” young man and his adventures in the world of transgenders, drag queens and kings, gays and lesbians.

The musical has original script and songs. And although the general tone will be joyous, there will also be (anti-gay) violence and discrimination. Luckily there is enough space for safe havens, drag shows and love in the musical. The underlying message will be “be who you want to be and don’t let yourself be pigeonholed by those around you”.

These different elements are told in a story about the idle you man Gerrit, who still lives with his mother. Because he is caught stealing something, he has to leave his easy life and go to Amsterdam. There he meets all kinds of people and discovers his true identity.

Were is it and how can I still get tickets?

Lellebel the Musical will play at the Polanentheater (Polanenstraat 174, Amsterdam) on 19th till 21st of October. But as said all performances are already sold out. If you are dying to go there, you can try out a service called Ticketswap. It is a service where people can offer tickets they are not going to use and you can buy those tickets which are sold out. It is a reputable service, with a controlling mechanism which weeds out fake tickets and prevents black-market prices.

An extra performance has been announced in Purmerend. On the 23rd of October you can again watch the musical in theater Purmaryn.

Lellebel the Musical poster
Lellebel the Musical poster