Gay & Lesbian Summer Festival: 10 movies in 4 weekends or 1 day

Gay and Lesbian Summer Festival 2013 - offical poster
Gay and Lesbian Summer Festival 2013 – offical poster

A real Amsterdam summer tradition is the Gay & Lesbian Summer Festival. The 7th edition of this festival starts on the 5th of July. Every weekend in July, on Fridays and Saturdays, the best and most successful Gay and Lesbian movies of the last 2 years are shown. 10 movies shown in 12 cities in the Netherlands and of course also in Amsterdam: the Rialto movie theater. The grand finale is during Amsterdam Gay Pride: on Sunday August 4th during a marathon session all movies are shown a final time.

This years festival program is an international mix of dramas and documentaries. Some serious, some tragic and some rom-coms. Movies are subtitled in Holland, so you can enjoy these movies in the original version. Only two of the 10 movies are completely English spoken. The other movies are an assortment of European and Middle Eastern language movies.

All movies are shown at the Rialto Art House, a beautiful pre-war cinema in the popular De Pijp area.  See the website of the Rialto movie theatre for the full program in Dutch.


kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Rialto 52.352990, 4.893899 Rialto Art House Cinema is established in 1982, when it started in an old cinema building in the Ceintuurbaan street. The building was built during the big cinema building boom in the 1920\'s, being an early example form 1921. It was long time a popular location as the \'Amsterdamsche Jeugdbioscoop\': a cinema especially for Amsterdam youngsters. A big renovation in 2006 turned Rialto in a modern cinema complex, with 3 theaters and a nice cafe. Rialto is specialized in European and non-western movie productions. Movies are subtitled in Dutch, so you can enjoy them in the original audio language. Every summer it hosts the Gay & Lesbian Summer festival.


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