Documenting anti gay violence – IDFA special

The International Documenary Film festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is one of the biggest and most popular documentary film festivals in the world. Every november documentary film buffs get together in Amsterdam to view and discuss the latest documentaries in cinemas all around the city. This year they have a special night on wednesday the 27th of November in the Pathe De Munt cinema with anti-gay violence as a central theme.

That evening “Facing Fear” and ” Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine” will be shown. The first documentary tells the story about Matthew Boger who faces one of the his attackers, 25 years after the attack the man. This meeting is the start of a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation for the two men.  Matthew Boger will be present at the screening. The second movie is made by Michele Josue, who tells the story of her friend Matthew Shepard, who was brutally murdered in 1998 because he was gay. His murder is still commemorated each year by gays and lesbians around the world.

Pathé De Munt

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Pathé De Munt 52.366527, 4.893454 Pathé de Munt Cinema that has a gay night every first Wednesday of the month (9pm). Free welcome drinks if you come a bit earlier. Address: Vijzelstraat 15 Website: (page partly in Dutch, partly in English)

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