Amsterdam Jubilee 2013

Amsterdam is in 2013 one of the destinations to go to according to The Huffington Post. Not without reason: this year Amsterdam has so many anniversaries and re-openings to celebrate, the city seems to be partying or commemorating every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Why are the Dutchies celebrating and is it interesting for you as a LGBT traveller?

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In 2013 several cultural and historical highlights are celebrated. These are put together in a list of 10 “milestones”. Even in the field of culture and history the project lingo has entered the language of the Amsterdam regents. The city government put their money where their mouth is and set up a project organization, some extra events and a neat little website to promote the city and these events for 2013.

Re-opening museums

8c77dad0-76f4-4cd5-b6ed-2ca788d29700Basically there are two grand re-openings of major museums: the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Especially the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum is a major event. This museum, with highlights of Dutch art and history including many paintings of Rembrandt and his contemporaries, has seen extensive renovation works over the past decade. These renovations had forced the museum to offer only a basic ‘highlights’ exhibition, but from the 13th of April 2013 you can see the museum and it’s exhibits back in it’s full glory. We highly recommend the Rijksmuseum and plan to give you a review, once we’ve had a change to visit it.

The renovation of the Van Gogh Museum is a much smaller affair, having only started in 2012. Meanwhile many of the Van Gogh painting can still be viewed in the Amsterdam Hermitage museum. The re-opening of the Van Gogh museum itself neatly coincides with the celebrations of Van Gogh’s birthday 160 years ago and the 40 years anniversary of the museum.a886bbcf-83c5-4184-ac27-08f6eec7c4db


Next to these re-openings there is a plethora of anniversaries being celebrated in 2013. The major one is the 400 year anniversary of the Amsterdam Canal Ring. This iconic, monumental 17th century city extension is celebrated with several events and exhibitions. These events promise to give you a special view on the old city centre of Amsterdam.

f08313bc-c752-4fac-b6a1-4198cac3d7ebThe Concertgebouw and it’s world renowned Concertgebouw Orchestra celebrate their 125th birthday this year. Expect a lot of special concerts in this iconic building close to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. Also the Felix Meritis celebrates it’s birthday in 2013: it was founded 225 years ago as a centre for art, science, trade and culture. In 2013 the observatory will be opened up again to the public after 200 years from the 18th April 2013. One other major anniversary in 2013 is the abolition of slavery 150 years ago on the 1st of July. A special program of commemorative events is set up for this.

Worth the visit?

Very cleverly the organization of the Amsterdam 2013 brought other events under the 2013 Jubilee umbrella. The traditional Gay Pride highlight, Canal Parade on the 3rd of August, will have a 400 years Canal Ring theme. And also the annual Amsterdam Fashion Week will make a link to the 2013 anniversaries.

We think that 2013 offers you enough parties and special events to consider visiting Amsterdam this year. The city will get a special Jubilee atmosphere that will make a visit more special than it would already be otherwise. We will keep you posted via our events list and our posts.


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